I am a magazine writer and blogger who covers travel, food, lifestyle, heart and soul and interviews. I am a curious-minded individual who never runs out of questions; a hopeless dreamer who believes in the impossible. I am a restless experience seeker, who tries to practice the art of choosing joy everyday.

» I believe that…

… mornings should always start after snoozing for 5 minutes
… French fries can be eaten at any time of the day
… stories of people always teach you something
… every day we should find time to eat together with family or friends
… travelling is the best school for life
… we should listen to our instincts
… taking photos is seeing the detail in the whole, the whole in the detail, catching the moments
… we should dance as though no one is watching us

» Lisy’s timeline

18 years in Budapest – spending all my free time with friends biking and roller skating, trying to survive my teenage years, and hanging around in Grandma’s kitchen getting spoiled by honest, simple yet beautiful food, as well as deciding after a trip to Paris to learn French and stick to it.

4,5 years in Szeged – getting my first lessons in cooking, washing and taking care of myself, collecting some memorable working experiences on the Sziget Festival, studying for my English masters degree at the University of Szeged, immersed in dormitory life, never missing a party at Fapuma (Wooden Puma), doing voluntary work for AEGEE (European Student Forum) and falling in love with travelling through budget trips all over Europe.

9 months in the UK – studying Public Relations at the Bedfordshire University, learning how to draught beer and draw a shamrock when serving Guinness at Brookes, finding my favourite spots in London, listening to the inner call of moving to a tiny island on the Mediterranean Sea.

almost 3 years in Malta – writing my thesis, getting a serious addiction to the sea, teaching English to foreigners, surviving humid winters without central heating, meeting loads of culturally-diverse people from all corners of the world and realising that for true friendship distance matters very little, recovering from working night shifts at an online gaming company, being extra happy for an affiliate manager promotion, graduating from snorkeling and beaching, confirming that you meet “The One” when you least expect it.

3 years in Budapest and counting – going for my dream of becoming a journalist with Sanoma Mediaakademia, writing and editing for magazines including Maxima, Marie Claire, Wellness, Nők Lapja Évszakok, Nők Lapja Egészség, Elle, (re)discovering the gems of Budapest, starting a life with “The One” in 3D after a very long distance relationship, making this site happen with a lot of planning and hard work.

the blogger

In our everyday lives there are so many little or bigger things that can make a difference. Which can turn a bad day into a good one. Which can make us happier. Which can inspire, teach and shape us in a way we never expected it. To catch these inspiring moments I have been dreaming about a blog for a very long time. Where you can find stories of people and places, adventures of culinary and culture, light and deeper conversations. I would like to go behind the scenes and exploring it from the insideout. Under the blog section you can find posts on travel, gastronomy, what’s on (in the theatre, cinema, concert halls, bookshops etc.), lifestyle, people and heart and soul. I love photography and whenever it is possible I will illustrate the stories within my blog with my own photos.

» Heart and Soul – What is on your mind?

As far as I can remember I have had an interest in understanding the matters of the heart and soul. Those parts of our life which might be invisible for most people around us, and still, determine most of our actions and who we are. Like trying to understand why certain relationships do not work out, what our family members are teaching us or how we can fight the Internet addiction. In the heart and soul section you can read my thoughts on our inner world.

» Kitchen – What are you cooking today?

I love that I come from a country where there are four seasons with a very distinctive palette of ingredients, inspiring healthy food choices all year round. And I love the slow food experience: shopping around the market for fresh, local and quality produce (which is not necessarily expensive!) and making hearty dishes out of them. But although I try my very best to have time for this, sometimes I am too busy or just not in the mood for kitchen stuff. Luckily these are the moments when my husband to be jumps in and does his magic in the kitchen. In the food section of the blog you are served our own recipes (a good blend of Hungarian and Mediterranean tastes, occasionally with an Asian twist), our tried and tested favourite recipes from cooking books/magazines, and recipes according to a given budget or season and menu ideas for special occasions. PS: and some scribbles taken whilst we taste on the spot.

» Travel – Where are you heading today?

I never got the vaccination against the travel bug. I guess that is why I got infected with travelling at a young age, and never really recovered from it. During my university years, thanks to AEGEE, I discovered many cultures all over Europe. These budget backpacking tours, mostly with friends and sometimes alone, opened the world for me. I love the feeling of arriving at a new place – when everything is new, when we are able to see things around us as a kid. Living in two foreign countries taught me how to start from scratch. And it was the best way of learning about who I really am, discovering what I am capable of and realising that we determine our own boundaries. I started with travel writing 8 years ago at a university paper and since then have got to cover travel stories for various magazines. Travelling for work or for fun, I enjoy every minute of a journey, because it discloses another slide of the world. The travel section of the blog has two angles. First as a local I would like to take you around the hidden gems and not to be missed spots of Budapest, Hungary and Malta. And as a traveller I would like to share my travel experiences from the highlights to the unbeaten track.

» What’s on– What are you doing today?

Whenever I see a touching theatre performance, listen to an amazing concert, watch a great movie or read a good book – I have this feeling that I wish to talk to those who created it. I would like to know what they were feeling and thinking? What makes them able to give us goose bumps? And what do they think of everyday matters? The What’s on? section of the blog covers not to be missed cultural programmes (theatre, music, books, film) and backstage interviews or stories of people who can inspire our life through art.

the journalist

As a freelance journalist and editor I have had articles featured in various magazines, including Elle, Marie Claire, Maxima, Nők Lapja Egészség, Nők Lapja Évszakok  or Wellness. Lisy Writes is a platform for my portfolio. Under the featured section you can search for different articles by various categories. If you click on portfolio you can view the original magazine layout.

» Why in English?

The reason is pretty simple, really. And obviously it is connected to love (what is not inspired by love anyway?). So English is the language we use at home, a bridge of understanding between my husband to be and myself. I have always wished to share my stories with him but so far I have mostly written in Hungarian; he could only appreciate the layout and rough translations I shared with him over our afternoon coffee. Now he can do both. And he does not even have to wait for the coffee break. And who knows? On the way other readers may find the English posts useful as well.

» Thank you

I would like to thank those people who supported me to get here, who saw something in me at the beginning and gave me a chance to prove myself.

Marie Claire: Tóth-Szántó Krisztina

Maxima: Vasvári Judit, Zellei Dóra

Nők Lapja Évszakok: Pluhár Erika

Wellness: Rózsa Ágnes, Vígh Anita

Balázs-Piri Krisztina, Csató Edina, Fekete Andrea, Kalina Judit

Special thanks to André Vancell, who created the identity of Lisy Writes and the visual world for this site and who also supported me all the way through so that this project from an idea becomes a real thing.